Servicelovers for hotels and restaurants

Get motivated and service-oriented employees and constructive customer feedback in realtime

“I have a tool that makes it possible to ensure that the employees get the recognition that they deserve.”

Peter Feddersen
General Manager at Schæffergården

Servicelovers case - Schæffergården
Servicelovers case - Grillen Burgerbar

“If we don’t deliver the customers will leave.”

Kim Juul
Partner & District Chief East at Grillen Burgerbar

Motivating the employees

"Receiving these daily recommendations feels extremely valuable to me. It makes me feel appreciated.”


Julie Fick Schæbel
Waiter at Grillen Burgerbar

Servicelovers dashboard

Customer feedback in realtime drives employee motivation and actionable insights

  • With in-store stands, you get immediate realtime customer ratings and feedback
  • Through the dashboard, you can see what your customers think about each restaurant/hotel and every frontline staff
  • Positive customer experiences can be celebrated, while critical feedback shows you exactly where and how you can optimize doing the days and week
  • Managers, colleagues, and customers can “like” and comment on the recommendations, thus contributing further to a hugely motivating form of recognition that the staff has not experienced before!

It is much too often heard: “You can’t set a goal for something as diffuse as customer service”. Nothing could be further from the truth. You might have a plan for your service but is there a plan for what each employee and manager should do to reach the goal together? Happy customers spend more money, stay longer, and will return. That's great! But happy customers is not enough - your competitors also have happy customers. You need to have happy employees because it is they who create happy customers that return.

– Leon Birdi
Consultant for hotels and restaurant

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