Get motivated and service-oriented
employees through personal recognition
and constructive customer feedback.

We help some of Denmark's most service-oriented companies to measure and create the best customer experiences.

Read on and learn how they benefit from Servicelovers.

Data in real time via in-store solution

As customers, we love to tell our opinion - if it is easy and fast!

With in-store stands, you get immediate customers rating and feedback while in the store. The customer can provide an assessment of the experience with a single click, and elaborate through multiple-choice and further comments.

More customers through authentic word-of-mouth

Employees' personal profiles and recommendations show potential customers where they find the best service.

In Servicelovers, we know that authentic customer recommendations are the best kind of marketing. Therefore, we do it easy for everyone to find your business and your employees through our app and website.

Both customers and employees can share recommendations via Facebook, and you also have the option to add a feed to your own website, which shows all employees recommendations and updates continuously.

Contact us if you want to hear more about the possibilities for your business or if you have any questions regarding our product.

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founder and CEO

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Regional Manager South East

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Customer support

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